Universal Semi Automatic Overwrapping Machine

Semi Automatic Overwrapping MachineSemi Automatic Overwrapping Machine

Universal Semi Automatic Overwrapping Machine
The Universal semi automatic overwrapping machine is ideally suited to environments that require frequent product size changes or in applications where batch sizes and volumes are small such as Cosmetics, Media, Confectionary, Soap, Tissue and Paper contract packaging. The system can be adjusted within minutes to overwrap a variety of product geometries and sizes. Products are neatly wrapped using standard overwrapping OPP or BOPP films. Economical non-coated or premium quality coated films ranging in thickness from 80 gauge (20 micron) to 320 gauge (80 micron) are well suited for the Universal overwrapping machine. Products wrapped using the system exhibit a premium quality overwrapped appearance at minimal capital expense. Preprinted film can be used to orient artwork or printed text towards a specific surface of each product.
Universal Semi Automatic Overwrapper Benefits
  • Yields quality overwrapped appearance
  • Overwrapping is tamper resistant
  • Overwrapping film can be made from corn based renewable resources
  • Film can be acrylic coated to provide superior appearance
  • Low capital equipment cost
  • Energy efficient compared to shrinkwrapping
  • Small footprint machine compared with shrinkwrapping
  • DVD cases do not warp as is commonly the case in shrink tunnels

Operating Procedure
Semi Automatic Overwrapping Machine
The Universal Semi Automatic Overwrapping machine uses precut sheets of overwrapping film.
  • Sheets are placed on the staging surface (white) aligned with the centerline of the tuck-and-fold stage.
  • The product to be wrapped is placed on the aforementioned sheet of film's center line.
  • The edge of the sheet of film is folded over the top of the product and down the far side of the product while at the same time pulling the product closer to the operator.
  • Once the product has transitioned over the heat-sealer, the sealer will extend sealing the film against the product for 500 milliseconds.
  • The product is then inserted into the tuck-and-fold stage.

As new products are inserted into the tuck-and-fold stage previously inserted products are thereby pushed through the tuck-and-fold stage towards the side sealers. During the long (initial) seal the side sealers are also activated to form the side seals.

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