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TS2002 Wrapping Machine
@ The TS 2002  has all the state-of-art features that everyone will find it useful and production will be increased significantly. 
» Auto Jam Stop - whenever there is a jam in the wrapping area of the machine, a sensor will stop the machine in order to prevent from damaging the product.
» Slim CD/DVD case ready - for CD/DVD industries, the TS2002 is proven to be able to do slim case.

» Speed Control - it is equipped with a Mitsubushi Inverter.  The max speed is up to 50pcs per minute.
» Indicator system - the width of the wrapping tunnel and film length is governed by the meter.  This makes change-over simply by turn the meter higher or lower.
» Remote Jog Control - this device makes calibration easy.  You can control the machine to go forward/backward or faster/slower by pressing the button.
@  Specifications:
 Machine Dimension : 1350 x 1040 x 1640mm
 Power : 110VAC Single Phase 2500W
 Motor : 2Hp
 Speed : Adjustable with Max 50pcs/min.
 Packaging Dimension : (Max) 145mm(L) X 220mm(W) X 30mm(H)
*BC300 - Box collection table
*Conveyor feeding system 
*Shrink tunnel
*Acrylic safety door panels
*Sensor for printed film with I-mark
Machine Videos
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Machine Spec
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We welcome ideas to make custom modifications to meet your needs:
 Heating Belt Design Side Way Conveyor
Touch Screen with PLC Control Front End Conveyor

Works on Digi-tray over wrapping also!

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