The Standard for CD Duplicating & Printing Software

Trace Affex's proprietary POWERWRITE Software is designed specifically to support Trace Affex CD duplication and printing equipment. POWERWRITE Software fulfills the need as a sophisticated, full-featured software package capable of supporting the diverse requirements of Trace Affex's POWERWRITER™ Systems. POWERWRITE Software is a Microsoft Windows compatible package that is capable of supporting up to sixteen CD-R or CD-RW drives, and DVD-R drives

A single POWERWRITE Software system can support up to four PC-W Systems, or one POWERSCRIBE or POWERWRITER PRO System. The POWERWRITER PRO and POWERSCRIBE systems capitalize on POWERWRITE's Windows NT and 2000's multithreading and networking capability to enhance performance while the POWERWRITER PC-W version is also compatible with Windows '98.

Simple to Use Software

POWERWRITE Software is a simple and intuitive package to use, with most functions controlled by a single point and click of the mouse. Network connectivity allows users to "pull and drop" files from anywhere on their network and even master ISO-9660, audio and video images. Automatic Global File retrieval automatically searches your entire network and displays all previously stored global images for easy retrieval, eliminating the need to tediously search through different drives and folders to find a specific image. During operation the user can continuously monitor job and drive status, job scheduling, priority queue and history log real time. The system maintains a complete listing of all activities with a date and time stamp and can be edited to note additional comments. The log is particularly important to process control personnel and for ISO certification tracking. The user can select any individual or combination of test, record or verify modes depending on the jobs requirements. POWERWRITE Software is the only CD duplication package to provide sample audit verification, reducing verify time by only verifying a percentage of the CDs duplicated. This feature ensures outgoing CD quality without impacting throughput. Disc Explorer can be used for analyzing the contents and structure of CDs. Routine maintenance and troubleshooting is made easy from a maintenance menu with easy to use tools for supporting drive analysis and alignment.

New Printer Support Features

POWERWRITE Software also supports the printer functions associated with the POWERSCRIBE System. POWERWRITE accepts bitmap and Epson print file images for printing. Additionally, a number of print image management tools have been developed to assist in importing, sizing and aligning print images. In addition, a variable text field is available allowing unique information such as incrementing serial numbers, date, time and even text merged from an external database to be superimposed on bitmap images. This permits individualization of each CD. In addition, all of Epson's color management tools are available to enhance color and resolution.

Client Server Remote User Software

The Client Server Software module allows remote users on your network to access a centrally located POWERSCRIBE. This allows different organizations within a company the opportunity to duplicate and print CDs from the convenience of their workstations. As easy and convenient to use as a common network printer.


CD Duplication

CD Printing (POWERSCRIBE system ONLY)

Client Server Remote User Software (POWERSCRIBE system ONLY)

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