CD-R and Business Card Duplicator

Powerwriter PC-W CD and Business card duplicator



The POWERWRITER PC-W, PC driven copier is a fully automated state-of-the-art solution for unattended duplication of CD-R's and Business card (63mm x 80mm) media. The system comes with POWERWRITE™ custom software for CD mastering, full master verification, production control tracking and reporting and autoloader operation.

The POWERWRITER Series of CD-R duplicators are two drive, 100-disc capacity systems. Scaled down to a convenient desktop size, these systems use the same patented robotics as in our larger POWERWRITER PRO II Series duplicator.


Powerwriter PC-W cd-r and business card duplicator

Fast 9 second disc exchange cycle!
100 disc capacity
2  or 4 - 16X tray writer drives
Patented non-damaging center pickup mechanism
Compatible with Microsoft Windows
Network up to four PC-Ws from a single PC (with Windows NT)
Reload on the fly - automatic stack recalibration
PASS discs are stacked for easy removal
Rejected discs are isolated on a separate stack
Easy to see status indicator LEDs
Compact Size - 16"W X 17"D X 13"H
Business Card compatible chassis for 63 x 80 mm media


Powerwrite cd duplication mastering software
Operates in Windows NT, 2000
Schedule as many as 50 jobs within a single application
Duplicate Only, Verify Only, Verify-after-Write, Test and Sample Verify
Verify-after-write option (including proprietary audio algorithm) and sample verify
Batch and Stream mode duplicating
Compatible with all master formats, including MP3
Simultaneous writing on both drives
Master CD format analysis
Ability to master ISO-9660 and audio formats
CD and drive analysis
Job control number reporting status (can be exported to outside database)
Drive diagnostics & preventive maintenance function
Network connectivity
Import pre-mastered CD image files
Import files for mastering ISO-9660 formats
Remote file and image retrieval software

System Control - PC compatible
Operating systems - Microsoft Windows NT, 2000
Capacity - 100 discs
Maximum number of drives - 4
Write/Read speeds - 16/10/40
Daisy chain - up to 16 drives (8 units)
Concurrent job operation - one per SCSI bus/HDD (may daisy chain two machines (4 drives) on one SCSI bus)
Dimensions - 16"W X 17"D X 13"H
Weight - 38 pounds
Universal Input Power Supply

Model Number
2100 2 drives
4100 4 drives
Write/Read speeds
Throughput per Hour (GB) 14
(Equivalent 650MB discs) 21
Part Number
50002-02 2 drive
50004-02 4 drive

PC REQUIREMENTS (Minimum - PC not included)
Number of CD-R Drives & Speed: One PC-W Model 208P, 2@16x
PC Processor (Model/MHZ) P 400
System RAM 128MB
Hard Disc Drive 9GB SCSI Interface
SCSI Adapters 2
Serial Ports 1
Operating System Windows 98, NT, 2000

PC Process: Intel Pentium III, BX chip set or faster , Seattle board
PC Data Bus: 100 MHZ minimum
Hard Disc Drive: Models with no automatic thermal recalibration
SCSI Adapters: Adaptec 2940AU (SCSI I) or Adaptec 2940 U2W (SCSI III) for burners; System HDD and CDROM should be on a separate host (Adaptec 2930U2 if both are SCSI).
Serial expansion cards: Siig
Multiple jobs are limited to two concurrently running jobs with a minimum configuration and only one job on each SCSI adapter host with burners

POWERWRITER PC-W - An inexpensive, reliable, PC-controlled, desktop, autoloading CD-R solution

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