NEW! MiniMax Disc Duplicator 


Best Value and Performance Office Disc Duplicator


DVDCD Duplicators presents the fastest machine      

 in its class of disc duplicating systems.     


The new streamlined design incorporates years     

 of technological advance to give you the most     

 economical and reliable desktop solution available.    




The MiniMax Series features:

  • 50-150 disc capacity

  • Choose 1-3 CD recorders, CD-R and/or DVD-R

  • Standalone or PC-based models

  • Network support

  • Business Card CD options

  • Software Options: Windows/Mac, Network Client, Database Client, Kiosk System

  • 52x CD-R drive speed, 16x DVD-R drive speed

  • PC Host requirements:
    Windows XP Home or Professional (Pro for networking)
    Pentium IV 2.8 GHz Processor
    1 GB RAM
    333 MHz FSB Motherboard
    1 GB available Hard Drive space (40+ GB recommended)
    available USB 2.0 port for each recorder
    available serial port- (autoloader) 
    available parallel port or USB port- (printer)

  • Standalone System available

  • PC ports: Firewire, Serial, and parallel for the printer.

Notes: DVD and CD drives can be interchanged in the machine. If you are a current owner of a CopyPro duplicator and would like to change from CD to DVD duplication, we offer DVD drive upgrades.


2 Drive MiniMax with Thermal Printer
3 Drive MiniMax           (DVD-R and/or CD-R drives)
3 Drive MiniMax with Ink-Jet Printer


Model Capacity Recorders Disc Printers  
50 discs 1 CD-R or DVD/CD Thermal or Inkjet
100 discs 1 CD-R or DVD/CD Thermal or Inkjet
100 discs 2 CD-R or DVD/CD Thermal or Inkjet
150 discs 2 CD-R or DVD/CD Thermal or Inkjet
150 discs 3 CD-R or DVD/CD Thermal or Inkjet
MiniMax Print Station 
150 disc capacity print Thermal or Inkjet

*Recorder options: CD only or DVD/CD

Recorder speeds: CD-R 52x, DVD-+R/CD 16x/32x

Thermal printer color option
Business Card  for duplicator and Printer


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