Make Your Own Church Disc Labels
DVDCD Duplicators disc printers deliver crisp, clear labels quickly at a low cost per disc.  But you don't have to be a graphic designer to get use out of your disc printer!

Here are some sample templates for you to download and customize to make your own labels.  Use these images as a starting point for the background, then select clipart and fonts from the sites below to finish your discs!

Right-click links and choose "Save Target As" to download hi-res .jpg or Sure Thing (.std) images to your computer.

Angel Stainglass
Download: .jpg  .std
Use the bottom white gradient as a placeholder for church name, date, etc.

Cross with Clouds
Download: .jpg  .std
The sky provides a great place to add black or white text.

Praying Hands with Clouds
.jpg  .std
The sky or left side gradient make a good place to add text.

Peaceful Nature
.jpg  .std
Quiet background makes it easy to add additional text and graphics.

Additional Clipart
There are hundreds of great sites for downloading free clipart.  The links below are good starting places to add images to your label.

Microsoft Office Downloads - Microsoft offers the widest, most comprehensive selection of free graphics for download.

Free Christian Clipart - Useful images by Timo and Kathy Rice Grimm.

Gospel Gifs - A collection of more colorful images, often with text.

Religion Wingdings - An outstanding collection of images downloadable as fonts.  Tip: Use Character Map in Accessories to browse through the various images.

Free Fonts
Enhance your disc labels with interesting fonts!  Download free fonts from these popular websites.

1001 Free Fonts - A categorized listing of thousands of free fonts.

DaFont - A nice collection of free fonts for the Mac and PC.

Simply the Best Fonts - Another great categorized listing of free fonts.

For more information on how you can customize your disc labels, contact DVDCD Duplicators at 1-866-357-4321

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