Inscripta Thermal Printer

Inscripta Thermal CD DVD Printer

High-Resolution Text & Graphics
The Most Durable Output

The Inscripta Thermal Disc Printer offers an impressive range of features to anyone who duplicates CD-R's or other 120mm optical media such as CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RAM.

As one of the world's fastest disc printers, Inscripta keeps pace with even the most demanding production schedules. You can print highly durable text and colorful graphics onto most standard lacquer-surface media types, eliminating the need for special printable-surface discs.

Inscripta is built tough, too. The printer has a rugged, all-metal case, so it is equally at home in office or production environments. It can also be mounted inside a full-height drive bay in OEM autoloaders and duplicators.

For high reliability, the fastest print times and the most durable output, Inscripta is your professional CD DVD printing solution!

If your music, video, software or data duplication requirements include printing onto CD-R's, DVD-R's or other optical media, the Inscripta Thermal CD DVD Printer has all the features you need -- at a new, industry-leading low price.

Inscripta prints directly onto standard and inexpensive lacquer-surface media. You can print one or two colors using virtually any combination of text, graphics, logos, photos or other artwork. Discs look so good, you'll think they were professionally silk-screened!

More Features Than
Any Other Thermal CD DVD Printer

Inscripta moves beyond other disc printers in a number of unique ways:

Print Resolution and Speed.
At 610 x 305 dpi, Inscripta is the highest-resolution thermal disc printer available. It's also very fast at just 5 to 10 seconds per disc of actual print time (depending upon print coverage and in monochrome print mode). Inscripta keeps up with virtually any high-volume, production-printing task!

Durability of Images.
Thermal transfer inks are highly scratch- and smudge-resistant and are completely waterproof. Cost-per-copy is also very affordable when compared to other printing methods.

Fast and Easy Ribbon Changes.
Inscripta is ideal for production environments not only because of its speed and heavy-duty construction, but also because its drop-in ribbons are the fastest and easiest to change when compared to other thermal disc printers. You can even purchase an extra removable ribbon cartridge, allowing you to pre-load the next ribbon and "hot-swap" when a ribbon change is needed.

OEM Internal Mounting.
Inscripta is also ideal for OEM integration into autoloaders and duplication systems. The printer's outer case can be removed and the printer fits inside a standard full-height drive bay. Printing takes place entirely within the printer, so the disc tray is not in the way of picking mechanisms during printing. A TTL-level interface port controls tray in/out and other printer functions.

Full Support For Windows® Users
The printer comes equipped with software drivers for Windows XP and 2000. Also included is a copy of SureThing™ Labeling Software. It has professionally designed backgrounds, templates and a selection of business-oriented clip art. You'll be able to quickly and easily design CD's and DVD's that make a high-quality statement about your business or organization!


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