GX-1 Disc Publisher


Make Discs on Your Desktop with the GX-1 Print & Burn Station
Easily design labels, print, and burn discs of superior quality!
With its 50-disc input capacity, high-speed CD/DVD combo drive, integrated inkjet printer, and small desktop footprint,
the GX-1 is perfect for businesses and organizations requiring short runs of discs.
Anyone can benefit from its innovative design and low price point!

Set up multiple jobs with any quantity, walk away, and leave the GX-1 to do the rest.
Burn virtually any DVD or CD format, including dual layer!

GX1 DVD Publisher

Controlled from your PC or Mac over a single USB 2.0 cable, the GX-1 is your all-in-one production package.

Product Specifications

  • 16X DVD/48X CD burning
  • 50-disc input capacity
  • 20 cents cost per print, full color, full coverage
  • Fast--less than one minute per print
  • Software included (Prassi Tech Zulu2 v. 2.0.302 and SureThing CD Labeler 4 SE
  • Tri-color ink cartridge (P/N: GX-200HC)
  • Single high-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Windows XP/2000 Mac OS 10.3.9
  • Up to 4800 dpi printing
  • Patented disc-movement technology enhances speed and reliability
  • Smallest desktop footprint: 11.5 inches wide!

    Four Easy Steps to Creating Professional, Finished Discs
    1. Design your label. Use included templates for easy design or import from Photoshop®.
    2. Choose your recording files. Make audio discs, burn multimedia content, distribute software, or archive data.
    3. Set the quantity desired. Also access advanced features through the intuitive software interface.
    4. Walk away! Let the 50-disc input, reliable robotics, integrated inkjet printer, and high-speed recorder do the rest!


    GX1 DVD PublisherMac Requirements:
    • OS 10.3.9 or above
    • G4 Power PC Processor, running at 1.2 GHz or faster
    • Minimum 512 MB system memory; 1GB recommended for DVD recording operation
    • Separate internal 7200 RPM hard drive is recommended for  storing your data
    • USB 2.0 required. USB 1.1 is not supported, as it may slow recording times and potentially cause recording failures.

    PC Requirements:

    • Windows 2000 SP4,
    • Windows XP Professional SP1, SP2, XP Home Edition
    • P4 2.0 Ghz or higher.
    • 512 MB memory
    • Separate Storage hard drive (suggested)
    • (7200RPM IDE or SATA)


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