The Gemini

Gemini autoloading standalone cd and dvd duplicatorThe Gemini is a simple to operate, mid-level throughput duplicator that does not require a PC. Single Button operation and twin high-speed drives make the Gemini an easy way to copy quickly and painlessly.

Easy to Operate
The master disc and blanks are inserted in the Gemini's 100 disc input hopper. When the start button is pressed, the master is read first by the recorders. A disc image is created on the Gemini's hard drive, and burned to the subsequent blanks in the recorder. Finished discs are dropped into the caddy below.

Batch Mode Processing
If Gemini finds another master disc in the input, it will overwrite the hard drive image and start recording the new data to the following blank discs.

CD-R or DVD-R and CD-R Combo Versions Available
The Gemini is available with high-speed 52x CD-R recorders or with dual 8x/32x DVD-R/CD-R recorders.

The Gemini comes with a 1-year Limited Warranty. Contact your Microboards Account Manager for Details!


Technical Specifications:   Supported Formats:
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50/61 Hz   CD-DA (Red Book),
MTBF: 10,000 Hours   CD-ROM Modes 1 & 2,




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