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  • 1. Place Amaray case on pack of film, wrap a single sheet around case. Make sure left spine is in center of film.


  • 2. Make sure Amaray case is centered with equal margins of film overhanging each edge.

    3. Place into top of tower, left spine first. Use outer notches to slide case in, use center notch to slide down.


  • 4. Slide through tower, stop at heater blocks. Leave approximately 5 seconds.

    5. Pull amaray case out of tower.


  • 6. Fold sides in on last section of film to be sealed.


  • 7. Lay case flat on table within sliding channel. Make sure film lays flat over top edge, and slide right to heater block.


  • 8. Stop at heater block, after approximately 5 seconds, slide out. Your DVD is now overwrapped!

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