DUPDVD21: 1 to 21 DVD or CD Ultra High Speed Duplicator

DUPDVD14: 1 to 14 DVD or CD Ultra High Speed Duplicator



Now record up to 21 discs at the same time at 16x DVD or 52x CD!

The Standalone DUPDVD21 contains the new ARS-2033N a 1-to-21 copy controller supporting up to 21 Pioneer111 16X CD/DVD writers.,

Through the LCD and 4 buttons on the copy controllerís panel, you can copy data, audio or video CD/DVD easily and quickly.
ARS-2033N Copy Smart Plus has a user-friendly interface. It doesnít need extra training or installation of software.

ACARDís AEC-4420P optional USB Link, allows you to connect the to a PC, and to one of the DVD writers
that are connected with the copy controller. Thus, the copy controller becomes an external master writer for the computer.


  • Standalone IDE to IDE copy controller
  • Pioneer 111 DVD/CD
  • Independent IDE channel accelerates data transfer
  • Self-test upon booting indicates the status of the device
  • Supports a 3.5 hard drive for data storage and immediate backup
  • User-friendly interface without extra training and installation of software
  • Supports 16X DVD burning
  • Provides link tower functions to extend
  • Firmware update by DVD-ROM


  • ACARD Chip:ATP-867 IDE processor
  • CPU: 32-bit RISC
  • Data buffer:128MB DDR memory
  • 10 independent IDE interface channel
  • 2X16 LCD
  • 4 membrane buttons on the panel
  • 512KB flash memory for boot loader
  • 2MB flash memory for copy code
  • SATA interface for external tower link up
  • Dimension:150mm(W) x 42mm(H) x 215mm(D)
  • Power Source:DC5V
*Optional Kit for tower link up*
  • AEC-4430H for host controller IDE-to SATA link
  • AEC-4430T for target controller IDE-to-SATA link

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