APS 2002

APS 2002 DVD CD Duplicator and Printer
A Design Based on Proven Technology & Experience

APS 2002 is Trace Affex's Automated Publishing System for CD-Rs, CD-R business cards, and 16x DVD-R System. Trace Affex's fifteen plus years experience in providing the software manufacturers market with industrial grade floppy disk and now CD-R duplication equipment has taught us what customers need and want in support of their CD processes.

APS 2002 is intended to be a standalone CD publishing system for customers wanting to duplicate and print CDs in a single operation without operator intervention. APS 2002 systems have a 100-disc capacity and are configured with either two CD-R writers and Trace Affex's best CD printer, the CD-ARTIST. Trace Affex's proprietary robotic autoloader platform with a proven reputation for performance and reliability.

This heavy duty, industrial grade system includes built-in autoloader intelligence minimizing the need for customer intervention. The autoloader detects when CDs have been loaded or unloaded and then automatically recalibrates the loader permitting continuous operation. The CD picker and loading mechanisms are designed to grip the CDs by the hub, ensuring a positive grip but avoiding damage to the CDs surface. Dual input and output hoppers can be software selected and linked to specific CD-R writers permitting two separate duplication and printing jobs to be run concurrently while ensuring no CDs are mixed. A disc accumulator buffer stores discs from the first cycle while blank discs are loaded to begin the second duplication cycle. The buffer then supplies discs to the printer in a parallel operation to maximize system efficiency.

The operator has complete control over input hopper, CD-R writer, CD accumulator, print image and output hoppers for each job. The system is also equipped with a separate reject hopper to isolate failed CDs. The high-speed writers are shock mounted to isolate the drives from any external vibration during the recording process. Plexiglas access doors and front mounted LED's permit easy visual confirmation of system status.


Proprietary Autoloader Technology

    • 100-disc input and output hopper capacity with separate reject hopper
    • Proprietary disc-handling robotics
    • Proprietary disc accumulator station
    • Automatic on-the-fly loader calibration allows continuous operation

Color Ink-Jet Printer Technology

    • Print resolutions up to 2400 x 1200 dpi
    • Full four-color printing
    • Disc-to-disc registrations of +/-0.002"
    • Patent-pending disc-locking mechanism with electronic tracking sensors
    • Uses standard high-quality HP consumables, inexpensive and readily available

With the available networking software

    • Supports remote organizations and users connected to your company network
    • Duplicate and print CDs directly from your workstation
    • As easy to use as a network printer
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Model 212P

System Compatibility
Microsoft Windows
NT 4.0/2000
Number of Drives
Write/Rewrite/Read speeds 16/10/40
Autoloader disc capacity

100 Discs

 Print file compatibility Bitmap & print files
Hewlett-Packard Printer Engine


 Print Resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi
Color Compatibility 1 each Black
1 each CMY
Printer Interface
Size (H X W X D)
 20" X 18" X 19"
55 lbs


Intel Pentium PC - Includes: Intel Pentium III 667Mhz CPU with 512K cache, BE6-II ABIT PIII AGP based 133Mhz FSB motherboard , 256 Mbytes PC133 SDRAM system memory, 168 pin DIMM, 8ns, CPU cooling fan, Mid-size ATX tower case with 250 watt UL power supply , Western Digital 18.3 GB UltraWide SCSI hard drive, 1.44 MB 3" FDD, Plextor Ultraplex 40 wide 40X speed SCSI CD-ROM, AHA 29160U2W Adaptec UltraWide LVD SCSI Controller (HDD & CD-ROM), Three each DC-390U2B Tekram UltraWide LVD SCSI Controllers (1 per set of 4 CD-R drives), AGP Video Adapter with 8 MB SGRAM, PS2 Windows keyboard , PS2 mouse, ISA Ethernet network interface card, Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro Software.

NOTE: PC not included, and does not include monitor or interface cabling.

All printers require ink-jet printable CD-R media, or labeled CD-R media intended for printing.

Included: 1) Software drivers include Win 3.1, Windows '95, '98 2000, NT, XP, Windows for Workgroups and Macintosh 10.1 or later, 2) Printer frame templates in popular applications (Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop and Canvas), 3) 1 each black and color (CMY) ink cartridges, 4) Instruction manual, and 5) cables.

Model: 51112-04 CD-R
Model: 51112-16 DVD/CD


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