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Flash drives are available from a wide variety of manufacturers at varying prices. Unfortunately, speed and quality vary as well. As a service to our customers, we are offering this simple database of USB Flash Drive Reviews.

Note: All reviews are submitted by outside sources. We are not responsible for the content and information here is not intended to be an endorsement of any product or vendor. We recommend using this as one of many factors in making purchasing decisions. The views expressed here may not reflect the results you will experience with the same drives or manufacturer. If you wish to contribute a USB Flash Drive Review we encourage you to do so.

Manufacturer Drive Capacity Speed Rating Remarks
Memorex TravelDrive 256 MB 3500 Kb/s ***** Works great
Oriphe Industrial Limited USB Flash Drive 1 GB 10000 Kb/s ***** Oriphe Industrial Limited is a special manufactory of all kinds of usb flash drives more than 200 styles.
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 1 GB 3500 Kb/s ***** With Altec duplicators use the non U3 version or remove U3 with U3 removal tool
Super Talent DG Series 1 GB 1500 Kb/s * Poor quality, inconsistent format size, 30% appeared as "locked" or would not mount, slow writes
Yifang Digital ED717 128 MB 3500 Kb/s ***** Work great - SMI Controller, Hynix memory chip ... unfortunately company won't respond to e:mails

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