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Super Overwrapper Featuring Quick Changeover

Super Overwrapper
The DMA over wrapper features a quick change system between different size products enabling one overwrapper to be used for all formats in stead of one overwrapper for each size product.

The DMA overwrapper is a next generation machine beyond the cumbersome mechanical overwrapper era, to offer fast and reliable over wrapping at affordable prices. Note the absence of a heavy machinery in the lower base in the pictorial views of this over wrapper. Not only is the usage and appearance pleasing but with it's advanced electronic control system, it can report it's operation and status back to a PC in a remote location for management monitoring. The presentation of these remote results, through data programs such as MS Excel or Access can be either graphical or other user preferable formats. As an over wrapper is the last important point in the production process, prior to stacking and boxing, and is thus a key monitoring point of plant efficiency. Through innovative electronic and mechanical design, large electric motors, cams, drive shafts, universal joints and other mechanical dinosaurs are no longer required. This is a large energy and maintenance cost saving over other over wrappers and especially over heat shrink equipment, as there is no heating oven required. Change over between VHS cassette, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, audio tape or other products is fast and painless by minimal change out and setting calibrated dials and electronic thumb wheels. The advanced electronics obviates speed control interfacing in favor of pause functions which interface with up steam and down stream packaging and stacking equipment. Easy access to the operation deck of the over wrapper is provided by a pneumatically balanced gull wing door. In it's standard form, product up to 3" height can be wrapped. The wrapped product is fed through the machine on a conveyor system and does not rely on products end to end being pushed by the last product in line. This obviates the loss of 5 or 6 products remaining in the line and sticking to each other at the end of a run. It is also important to note that timing is electronic and not from cams or levers that can get out of tune during a jam up. This timing resetting on mechanically based overwrappers can easily be a two day job by a specialist. With the DMA overwrapper there is no one horse power or greater main electric motor and thus only minimal force is applied to the product by the pneumatics and stepper motors. All machines jam up occasionally but this reduced force greatly reduces the chances of product damage.

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Overwrapping Machine
Quick Change Super Overwrapper

Super Overwrapper System Benefits
  • Quick Change Over Between Formats
  • DVD, Blu-Ray, DS, & Most Formats Compatible
  • Fully Automated
  • OPP Material 50% More Economical Than Shrink wrap
  • Consumes 75% Less Energy Than Shrink wrapping
  • Does Not Require a Shrink wrap Tunnel
  • Least Labor Intensive Packaging Method
  • Speed up to 70 Per Minute (Product Dependent)
  • Servo Controlled Machine to Simplify Mechanics
  • Automatically Outputs Last Products in Batch
  • Accommodates Film Rolls Up to 12 inch 30cm Diameter
  • Exceptional Long Life Film Cut-Off Knife (Serrated)
  • Economical Cut-Off Knife Replaceable in Minutes
  • Change Over Times as Short as 10 Minutes
  • Fully Automated In-Feed & Out-Feed
  • In-Feed Hopper Optional
  • Product Counter Standard
  • Precision PID Sealer Temperature Controllers
  • CE (European Safety & Quality) Compliant


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