memory card duplication

High Speed Flash Memory Card Duplicators
Now copy multiple flash memory cards the easy way...FAST!

All formats! USB, CompactFlash, microSD, miniSD & miniSDHC, SD & SDHC Card & MMC, RS-MMC, OTP SD/MMC, Memory Stick PRO Duo or Memory Stick PRO.


Commercial Systems available to copy up to 1 million SD per month!


USB STANDALONE On SALE! Click on Pictures for more information



USB PC Controlled Duplicator (PC required)

SD Duplicator


The USB200PC is an economical solution for data loading and data distribution via USB flash drives. PC controlled you can copy to 20 blank USB flash drives, simply and automatically. Also available as a Standalone and now a TSFD Publisher  with digital rights management software.



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USB Digital Rights Management


Nexcopy TSFD Publisher Kits automate the production process and creation of TrusCont Secure Flash Drives.

Whether you are an end-user looking to automate the TrusCont Protection Toolkit for your TSFD device, or Publisher providing ready TSFD devices to your clients, the Nexcopy USB200PC is right for you.



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SD PC Controlled (PC required)

SD Duplicator

Nexcopy introduces the all new Secure Digital Duplicator, the SD200PC. With advanced copy features, small foot print and simple operation, the SD Duplicator is an economical solution for data loading and data distribution to SD flash memory.


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 SD STANDALONE (no PC required) Click on Pictures for more information



CF Standalone Click on Pictures for more information

CF Duplicator
CF Duplicator



Back up data from USB, memory cards or flash drives to CD's or DVD's! Click on Pictures for more information
Spartan MD-800 more info


ALTEC PC Controlled Systems (PC embedded)

altec FlashCard CopyStation II
FlashCard CopyStation III Complete PC-based CopyStation with 8 PC Card slots. Compatible with PC Cards
and all memory media which can be used with a PC Card Adapter, such as Compact Flash and Smart Media Cards,
MMC Multi Media Cards, SD Cards, IBM Microdrive HDDs, Memory Sticks and xD-Cards


altec High-Speed CopyStation
High-Speed SD CopyStation CopyStation for high speed duplication of 20 cards at once. Available for 12 different memory cards - CompactFlash, microSD, miniSD & miniSDHC, SD & SDHC Card & MMC, RS-MMC, OTP SD/MMC, Memory Stick PRO Duo or Memory Stick PRO. Complete PC-based system.


altec USB Stick CopyStation
USB Stick CopyStation (PC required) Small scale programming of USB memory sticks. PC required. The system is supplied with In-house developed copy software and an active USB 2.0 hi-speed hub compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 memory sticks.

altec 21 USB Stick CopyStation Duplicator
USB 21 CopyStation Discontinued 21 port USB CopyStation. PC required. The system is supplied with In-house developed copy software and an active USB 2.0 hi-speed hub

USB 21 Ultra Standalone CopyStation Ultra fast duplication of 21 USB memory sticks. Preinstalled system including altec copying software under Windows XP Professional with 21 USB 2.0 slots.


altec Robo CopyStation M2
Robo CopyStation M2 Large scale automated copying station for 48 mobile memory media in parallel. It's automation combined with card handling efficiency provides a throughput of more than one million memory cards per month!

Robo CopyStation M1 World's first fully-automated and fully-integrated data copying system for 20 mobile memory media in parallel.




Enhanced USB Duplicator with USB Copy Protection


Ladera Ranch, CA and Haifa, Israel — July 1, 2008 — Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator equipment and TrusCont Ltd. a leader in copy protection and Digital Rights Management solutions, announced the release of the world’s first USB duplicator with copy protection capability.

TSFD Publisher KitBased on TrusCont security technology, Nexcopy offers the TSFD Publisher Kits for on-site customer creation of USB copy protect flash drives with advanced functions such as USB CD-ROM partition and USB Read Only partitions. The Nexcopy TSFD Publisher Kits bundle TrusCont Secure Flash Drives, TSFD Copy Protection software and Nexcopy’s 20 port USB duplicator.

With increased popularity of USB flash drives as a means for document distribution, software publishing and other digital content distribution the need for companies to secure their intellectual property on USB drives are becoming more prevalent and critical. With TrusCont Secure Flash Drives and Nexcopy’s USB200PC USB duplicator, companies now have an in-house, turn-key hardware and software security solution for USB sticks.



NEW: altec FlashCard CopyStation III

Our new altec FlashCard CopyStation III is now available. Now this all-round CopyStation is even faster and more flexible than ever.

The new FlashCard CopyStation II is almost four times as fast as its predecessor. For instance, eight CompactFlash Cards with 512 MB can be copied in 2.5 minutes.

It is now compatible with almost all mobile memory cards. With the use of appropriate adapters, cards as CompactFlash, SD & SDHC, MMC, miniSD & miniSDHC, microSD & microSDHC, all Memory Sticks or xD-Cards can be programmed in the eight PC Card slots.

You have the choice between the standard copying method, e.g. the duplication of complete images, and an option for creating and copying smaller images files. This allows for a faster copying process when there is little data on the memory media.

You will find more information on this website shortly.

NEW: altec High-Speed CopyStation «Ultra Version»

Starting immediately, we offer you an accelerated High-Speed CopyStation Ultra Version.

It provides you with a write speed of up to 50%. This way, 3,000 (instead of 2,000) memory cards with a 512 MB data image can be copied in eight hours when using two CardBoxes.

Of course, the already existing High-Speed CopyStation is still available.

You can order the new High-Speed CopyStation «Ultra Version» with item number B32AL188E (English operating system and keyboard)

Write Protect Option for High-Speed CopyStation

 The additional software option «Write Protect» for SD and MMC Cards is now available.

This software option makes it possible that a temporary or permanent write protection can be set after each copying process when copying SD or MMC Cards with the High-Speed CopyStation.

This option can be ordered with the Item no. 31AL2006. It comes with the current copying software

File Copy Option for USB Stick CopyStation

With the so called «File Copy Option» we now offer you the possibility to copy files with our USB Stick CopyStation.

This means that copies of specific file directories or files as well as copies of possibly existing subdirectories are created. There is no need to create 1:1 images.

We recommend this copying method for the copying of smaller data amounts since higher performances can be reached this way.

Thus, three different copying methods are available for the USB Stick CopyStation: «Image Copy» for the copying of images, «Short Image Copy» for the creating and copying of abbreviated image-files as well as the «File Copy Option» mentioned above.

If you are interested in learning more about the different copying methods, please contact us. We will gladly provide you with information. These will also be available on our homepage shortly.


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