CD DVD Duplicators, HD Blu-ray Duplicators and PrintersHigh Speed Automated DVD CD and Videocassette Dewrapper

High Speed - Automatic removal of plastic film.

The Everhard patented Dewrapper is known worldwide for its ability to automatically remove shrink-wrap from industry standard multimedia containers. The Adjustable Dewrapper is capable of running CD's, DVD's, Videocassettes and other various shrink-wrapped containers with a simple changeover procedure.

Plastic film wrap is removed by a series of simple, but uniquely engineered devices. Film is taken from each package through gentle handling, protecting container surfaces and printed material. Discarded wrap is vacuum conveyed to a storage receiver.

Machine rate: 60 parts per minute

  • Simple to operate
  • Enclosed to protect personnel, product and machine
  • Space saving-compact work station
  • Unique design protects container and printed surfaces
  • Self-contained for easy and quick installation
  • Simple design requires little maintenance; few adjustments
  • Adapts readily to commercial shrink wrap machines
  • Adjustable height for integration
  • Electrical service 220/440 volt 3 ph

  • Vacuum systems
  • Special infeed and outfeed systems
  • Integration with other equipment

  • DVD Deboxer    - removes the DVD case from the plastic security case
  • CD Deboxer      - removes CD jewel box from the plastic security case
  • DVD Desleever  - removes the DVD case from the long chipboard box
  • Video Desleever - removes the video cassette from bottom load chipboard sleeves
  • Other custom designed equipment and integration

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